Apple I computer for at least 180,000 euros

The thing is hard to write an e-mail. Nevertheless, the Apple I at the auction on Saturday between 180,000 and 300,000 euros. The US-Italian car maker Fiat Chrysler has responded to the demands of the authorities with long-standing resistance. Now the patience of the US Department of Justice seems to be at an end. Should discussions in the disputes about alleged violations of exhaust laws can not be ruled out, this week could be filed a complaint, reported the news agency Bloomberg on Wednesday evening, citing two dedicated persons. Negotiations were still ongoing and the parties could also come to an agreement that would prevent a lengthy litigation.Apple I computer for at least 180,000 euros

The Fiat-Chrysler share fell by 7.5% in the after-market trading. Investors were able to observe closely the example of Volkswagen, which happens when the US investigators become seriously angry. The negotiated comparisons have so far cost the Wolfsburgers nearly 23 billion euros.
Interestingly, there is a link between state and federal policy only if the electorate is consulted. An example of this selective perception was the SPD in the opposite direction. For their top officials, the defeats in the recent state elections remain purely a matter of the country. SPD General Secretary Katarina Barley sees no reason for self-criticism. “I have not heard any concrete accusations, and I do not know which ones should be,” Barley told the German editorial team. “I am responsible for the Bundestag election campaign – and this is the first time going on.”
After the surprising loss of power of the SPD in Schleswig-Holstein and North-Rhine Westphalia internally clear criticism of the campaign leadership of Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz was loudly. There had also been criticism of the work of the Secretary-General.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded to the protests and the criticism from all over the world with a not-so-tasteless, but also rather absurd comparison. “We are the new Jews of the 21st century,” Maduro said in a discussion. “We’re not wearing a yellow star, we have a red heart,” Maduro said with loud applause. He called for an energetic defense of the socialist revolution.
Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said that some 2600 nationalists and soldiers were sent to the Táchira region after protesters temporarily occupied a military post. At least two people have died there since the beginning of the week; 44 people have been killed all over Venezuela since the outbreak of protests. After more than 20 years of TV abstinence, audience favorite Rosanne returns to the screens. The US station ABC yesterday announced eight new episodes of the former cult show for next year. “Nobody can comment on our current America better than ‘Roseanne’,” said ABC entertainment chef Channing Dungey. The television family is intended to illustrate the “economic challenges” of families with tight budgets, this time against the background of the year 2018.
“Roseanne” flashed across the screens in nine seasons between 1988 and 1997, it was one of the series with the highest ratings in the US at all. She had the daily worries of a family of the working class. The stars of that time will be largely represented in the new edition – Roseanne Barr in the title role and John Goodman as her TV husband.


The federal government and the Länder want to put a stop to tax fraud in the global online trade. Such businesses are offering many opportunities for foreigners to leave the treasury, “said the chairman of the Treasury of the Treasury, Hessens Ressortechef Thomas Schäfer (CDU). “We have to go”. The background: Many traders from non-EU countries like China supply goods through intermediate warehouses in the European Union, without paying VAT to the Treasury. However, they collect the VAT paid by customers. The problem arises as soon as experts say that the import value is too low for imports and that the EU countries also miss these revenues. Robert Capa, Louis Malle, Andreas Gursky and Kraftwerk – the Tour de France has always fascinated photographers, artists and filmmakers. The exhibition “Mythos Tour de France” can be seen in the NRW Forum from the morning until the 30th of July, starting with the Grand Départ in Dusseldorf on 1 July. More than 120 works by 20 internationally renowned artists are presented. Driver portraits reflecting triumph and pain, landscapes, photos of spectators on the roadside, original jerseys and films bring the fascination of the most famous cycling race in the world. From the 1930s to the present, it is also possible to see how the highly unrivaled man-wheel-machinery became the result of the once unpretentious race. The real Apple disciples now have to be very strong. A Cologne auction house auctioned one of the first computer models of the cult company at the weekend – the Apple I. The model dates from the 70s and stands for the beginnings of the home computers. For normal earners, however, it should be prohibitive. The experts at the auction house expect the surcharge to be somewhere between 180,000 and 300,000 euros.
The oldtimer is no longer suitable for working. “With the computing capacity that this thing has here, you can not even write an email today,” said auction house boss Uwe Breker somewhat disrespectfully. The high value is based on a simple formula: cult factor times small number times well-meaning Apple fans.

Three weeks before the parliamentary elections in the UK the ruling conservatives today present their election program. According to a report from the newspaper “Telegraph”, Prime Minister Theresa May will promise a reduction of company tax to 17 percent by the year 2020. According to BBC, additional burdens are imposed on companies that employ immigrants from non-EU countries. In addition, migrants face higher costs for medical treatment in state hospitals.

People around the world have been thinking of a “ride of silence” of cyclists killed or injured in traffic. According to the organizers, there were actions on all continents and in all 50 states of the USA – and no word was spoken. In the population, Angela Merkel’s black-red coalition enjoys broad support. However, a majority of the German family business sees this quite differently. In a survey conducted by their association, 61 percent of the interviewees were “more” or “completely dissatisfied” with the government alliance launched at the end of 2013. Above all, the non-deductible pension with 63, the reforms of the promotion of green electricity and the regulation of temporary work would have struck the entrepreneurs on the stomach. Lutz Goebel, President of the Association “Family Operators”, said: “The economy is buzzing, the labor market is stable – but not because of, but the policy of the grand coalition.”


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