GROOMING HELL Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt gang raped by three men in harrowing scenes

The schoolgirl is left terrified surrounded by men in her bedroom.

BETHANY Platt has been gang raped by three men at the behest of her evil boyfriend Nathan Curtis.

The schoolgirl – who is played by actress Lucy Fallon in the ITV soap – was manipulated by Nathan into doing his bidding in harrowing scenes that saw the youngster surrounded by three men in a bedroom.

In troubling scenes, Nathan burned Bethany with a cigarette, manipulating her into believing that he only did it because he loved her, and then when she returned to him, he sent her on her way into the bedroom to sleep with the men he had charged to gang raped.

The hard-hitting storyline saw viewers feeling sick last night when its hard-hitting grooming plot saw an underage girl being sold for sex.(gang raped)

Harrowing scenes saw soap fans introduced to another of Nathan Curtis’ grooming victims but unlike Bethany Platt, this girl was noticeably underage and had clearly been through an ordeal.

The girl, named Lara, was seen getting dressed in a bedroom at Nathan’s flat after being forced to have sex with one of Nathan’s vile mates for money.

Viewers were left disturbed by the scenes, that went out in the show’s post-watershed moments, but also praised the show for reflecting the horrors of grooming accurately.

“OMG that girl looks younger than her,” one fan wrote while a second said: “This Bethany story is making me physically sick.”

Schoolgirl Bethany – who is played by actress Lucy Fallon in the ITV soap – will soon be taken home after her family find her after she is raped by three men who were arranged by her evil groomer boyfriend Nathan.

After taking her home, Bethany’s mum Sarah and her partner Gary do their best to try and convince Bethany that Nathan is a monster but she still refuses to hear anything bad about him, even when her great-grandmother Audrey tries to get through to her.

Heading back to Nathan’s flat, Bethany is manipulated by him, Mel and police officer rapist Neil and they hatch a plan to separate Bethany from her family forever.

Convincing Bethany to lie to her family and pretend she has ended things with Nathan, Sarah is pleased.

And she’s even happier when Neil turns up in his uniform to speak to Bethany privately, unaware that the sick predator is part of the scheme to get Bethany abroad so her family cannot save her.

As Bethany’s 17th birthday arrives, her family celebrate leaving Bethany feeling guilty about what she is planning to do.

But when she runs into her friend Craig and tells him that she has split with Nathan, he’s thrilled for her and his reaction sparks something in Bethany that sees her begin to question what Nathan and the gang have done to her.

Neil later demands she find her passport and get ready to leave her family behind, so she rushes home and searches for it.

Fortunately Sarah finds her in the middle of the hunt and manages to convince her against leaving.

Later Bethany is distraught and horrifies her mum when she catches her beginning to self-harm to cope with the brain washing she has been through.

Trying to burn herself with a cigarette, Bethany breaks down saying she deserves the pain as she has let Nathan down, leaving Sarah without any idea of how she can help her daughter and keep her safe.

Actress Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, explained: “Sarah is heartbroken and devastated especially as deep down she has always had a dark instinct that there is something not quite right with their relationship.

“But she has always pushed that to one side as she didn’t want to lose Bethany by pushing away.”




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