‘He groped my breasts and said he wanted to suck my boobies’: Female MD…

suck – A female managing director at a legal headhunting firm has accused her male boss of sexual harassment after he allegedly groped her breasts,

asked if he could ‘suck on her boobies’ and threw furniture when she refused his advances.

Veronica McILraith, 35, worked at Wegman Partners in their New York office for three years until she claims she was forced out this year for reporting her boss Scott Legg’s alleged harassment.

McILraith filed a New York City Commission on Human Rights complaint about Legg’s behavior on Wednesday.

The former managing director said in her complaint that she was ‘subjected to an astounding barrage of groping and sexually explicit and derogatory comments, texts, emails and signs by her boss.’

She claimed that Legg often appeared drunk and high on cocaine while he was at work and she once took a photo of him passed out on the office floor.

She also alleged that Legg called her a ‘b***h’ when she refused his advances and twice threw chairs at her office wall when she turned him down.

McILraith described one alleged incident from July 2015 during which Legg ‘aggressively’ grabbed her breasts in the office kitchen and tried to open her sweater.

The next month, she claims Legg ‘humped (her) office door, licked it and showed her his tongue’.

Legg also allegedly sent her a text message while he was waiting for her at a client meeting in November 2015 that read: ‘Maybe I’ll suck on your boobies.’ McILraith included a screenshot of their text message exchange in her complaint.

The complaint says Legg would invite McILraith out to lunch on a daily basis, during which he allegedly drank heavily and sat close to her. She claims that over time, he started calling her ‘babe’, ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ in person and via text messages.

In July 2015, he allegedly became enraged when she refused an offer for lunch, according to the complaint. He called her a ‘b***h’ and talked about masturbating in front of her, it is claimed.

‘He yelled about having his ‘d**k sucked’ and pressing his head into women’s ‘tits’,’ the complaint said.

Legg also allegedly once stood outside her office and pretended to masturbate using his umbrella.

McILraith included in the complaint a photo of an ejaculating penis that he allegedly drew and had asked her to contribute to

McILraith also included several photos that showed a sign Legg had allegedly posted outside his office for four months that read ‘suck my balls’ and a shot of an ejaculating penis that he drew and had asked her to contribute to.

In December last year, Legg allegedly emailed McILraith and another female employee, who worked in another office, with a photo of a headset and wrote: ‘Thought you’d appreciate the phallic nature of this product… could be useful in the office.’

The complaint said Legg was suspended for five days when the company’s human resources department investigated McILraith’s accusations.

McILraith, who said she was the only woman in the office from mid-2016, claims Legg took work and commissions away from her and threatened to discipline and fire her when she refused to submit to his alleged harassment.

She said she was scared of Legg’s behavior and was desperate to keep her job. She added that Legg had made it clear he was personal friends with the CEO Colby Wegman and he had the power to hire and fire her given he was the company’s highest earner.

McILraith claims that when she did finally report the alleged harassment, the CEO sided with Legg and she was forced out of the company.

The complaint says she documented the instances of alleged abuse by sending emails to herself with the time, date and description.

‘I feel threatened like he is going to hit me… this is so so scary… shaking as I am writing this,’ she wrote on May 15, 2017.

‘As always the only women in this office it is scary – I just have to think of how I wold [sic] protect myself or how quickly I would dial 911 for help if Scott ever jumped me…’ she wrote on June 12, 2017.

She said she chose to file a complaint with the human rights commission because there was a clause in her contract that meant a lawsuit would have to be settled by an arbitrator.

The complaint says McILraith is entitled to compensatory damages. It doesn’t specify the amount.

A biography on Wegman’s website says that Legg: ‘serves several key US markets with his exceptional knowledge of the national legal playing field.’

It describes him as having displayed ‘demonstrated trustworthiness and integrity’.



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