Hilarious new video asks New Yorkers to reflect on how drama-filled their own lives are


Have you ever been in a catfight? Uncovered a dark family secret? Enjoyed an illicit hookup?

If so, then you’re not alone. Ahead of the arrival of new series Dynasty, DailyMail.com took to the streets to find out what scandalous scenarios New Yorkers have got themselves into, and discovered that some of these men and women might as well be living in their own soap opera.

When Dynasty premieres on The CW on Wednesday October 11, we’ll see the Carrington and Colby families battle over fortunes, families and long-running feuds.

While the New Yorkers in the video might not be quite as debauch as feisty heiress Fallon Carrington – who thinks nothing of sleeping with her chauffeur or scrapping with her soon-to-be-stepmother – they certainly have had their fair share of scandals.
Melissa admits that she has been in a catfight, but hastens to add that it was a long time ago. ‘I was younger and I’ve learned from my mistakes,’ she says.
Although Keenan has not actually got the claws out himself, he reveals that he has seen girls scrap over him. ‘It’s amazing,’ he adds.

A number of those questioned reveal that they have ‘walked in’ on a family member in a compromising position, and all agree that it is a scarring experience.
Michelle says: ‘That was traumatizing.’
‘The worst experience ever,’ Keenan adds.
While most respondents insist that family always comes before business, Michelle is not so sure. ‘ I guess it depends on what kind of family you come from,’ she says.
‘They say blood is thicker than water. But maybe not thicker than bank accounts.’

Addressing the question of whether he would marry someone of a lower social status than himself, Henry has no hesitations.
‘Yes,’ he declares. ‘Because I’m rich.’
Sabrina also has no issue with embarking on a relationship with someone who earns far less than she does. ‘I date poor guys all the time,’ she says.
Henry goes on to say that he is one hundred per cent supportive of people having multiple marriages.


‘I love them. I’ve had three,’ he says, before adding: ‘Practice makes perfect!’
But when it comes to discussing daring hookups, the women are reluctant to disclose any of their secrets. ‘I plead the fifth. I have no interesting hookup stories,’ Sabrina insists.
Ella is also adamant that there’s nothing juicy to reveal about her past conquests. ‘I’m just a good girl,’ she says.

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