The Top of San Angelo Jail Booking Reports

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS — Over the past three days, the Tom Green County Jail received 127 new inmates and released 114. The more severe charges included several child sex crimes charges, accident involving death, and forgery and money laundering. (san angelo jail)

Child Sex Crimes

On Monday, James Howard Young was arrested by the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office (TGCSO) on 6 separate counts of Possession of Child Pornography. According to court documents, Young was in possession of graphic images of minors performing various sexual acts. Young’s bonds amount to $15,000 per charge. He has not been released.

Wednesday evening, a Carl Joseph Schwaighofer (above) was arrested for Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact. He was released Thursday afternoon. At this time no further information is available.

Accident Involving Death

Christopher Lee Mata was arrested by officers from the TGCSO Monday morning. Mata faced charges of Accident Involving Death and Tamper/Fabricate Evidence. Mata and his wife Nicole Lorelle Mata, both went to court Tuesday afternoon. Christopher Mata pled guilty to Accident Involving Death, a second-degree felony, and to Tampering with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair an Investigation, a third-degree felony. Nicole Lorelle Mata also pled guilty to Tampering with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair an Investigation.

Christopher Lee Mata was sentenced to serve 15 years for each charge and Nicole Lorelle Mata was sentenced to 10 years confinement. Mrs. Mata will have her sentence probated to 4 years. For more on this story please visit here.

On June 8, 2014 Richard Michael Garcia III was involved in a six-vehicle fatal motor vehicle accident on U.S. 67 near the Tom Green-Irion County line. Irion County Justice of the Peace Donna Smith pronounced two occupants of a Honda sedan, Stephen Tyler Wadsworth, 21, the driver and his passenger, Emily McKenna Word, 22, dead on the scene. Witnesses say that Garcia was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed headed eastbound on U.S. 67 while racing another vehicle.

Garcia was taken into custody on Tuesday evening. See our previous stories here and here.

Forgery and Money Laundering

Ray Castro Zapata was taken in to custody on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon Zapata went to court where the Honorable Judge Jones ordered Zapata to serve 10 years probation for theft and money laundering.

The forgery charges Zapata was found guilty of, ordered him to serve six months in state jail; this charge was eligible for appeal. Release reports show that Zapata was released from the Tom Green County Jail after posting several Appeal Bonds, each worth $10,000, at 1:38 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. See our previous story here.

Yesterday evening, Chris Tagel (above) assaulted a public servant after being served a misdemeanor warrant. As the public servant attempted to take Tagel into custody, Tagel began resisting arrest. The public servant attempted to restrain the aggravated Tagel but in doing so, Tagel fell on top of the public servant causing discomfort in the public servant’s wrist.

After recovering, the public servant attempted one last time to secure Tagel. Before the officer could fully restrain Tagel, Tagel used his feet to kick the officer in the legs.

Tagel was then arrested on CPFx2, FTA, Disorderly Conduct/Abusive Language, Resist Arrest Search or Transport, Criminal Mischief, and Assault of a Public Servant charges.

Ricardo Montes was arrested by San Angelo Police Department officers on Tuesday morning at 2:33 a.m. for Deadly Conduct Discharge of a Firearm, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of a Controlled Substance. Montes’ bond for the Deadly Discharge of a Firearm totals $15,000.

Below is a comprehensive list of all charges on the daily booking reports between Monday and Friday morning:

  • Possession of Marijuana: 18
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance: 25
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 20
  • Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance: 1
  • Expired Driver’s License: 1
  • CPF: 55
  • Sale to Minors – Alcohol: I
  • Assault Causes Bodily Injury: 4
  • COMM: 24
  • Injury to  Child/Elderly/Disabled: 1
  • Possession of Child Pornography: 6
  • Fail to Identify Fugitive: 1
  • Bail Jumping: 1
  • Criminal Trespass: 2
  • DWI: 7
  • Burglary of a Building: 4
  • Theft by Check: 1
  • Tamper with Government Record: 1
  • Driving with License Invalid: 14
  • FTA: 22
  • Border Patrol Hold: 2
  • Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility: 1
  • Parole Violation: 6
  • Expired Vehicle Registration: 4
  • No Proof of Financial Responsibility: 1
  • VPTA: 8
  • Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon: 1
  • Assault Family/Household Member: 1
  • Soliciting for Service no Permit: 3
  • Soliciting From Roadway: 1
  • Speeding: 2
  • Bicycle: 2
  • Fail to Identify: 4
  • Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm: 2
  • Tamper/Fabricate Physical Evidence: 1
  • Accident Involving Death: 1
  • Assault Public Servant: 1
  • Forgery Financial Instrument: 3
  • Theft of Property: 4
  • Money Laundering: 1
  • Interfere with Child Custody: 1
  • U.S. Marshal Hold: 1
  • Fraud Use/Possession Identifying Information: 1
  • Theft Class C: 3
  • Interfere with Emergency Request: 2
  • Contempt of Court: 2
  • Use Illegal License/Certificate: 1
  • Evading Arrest: 3
  • Public Intoxication: 2
  • Possession of Dangerous Drug: 2
  • Peace Bond: 1
  • Indecency with Child Sexual Contact: 1
  • Resist Arrest Search or Transport: 3
  • Sex Offenders Duty to Register: 3
  • Display Fictitious Motor Vehicle Registration:  1
  • Disorderly Conduct/Abusive Language: 1
  • Criminal Mischief: 1
  • Disobeyed A Pedestrians Don’t Walk Sign: 1
  • Obstruction or Retaliation: 1




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